Carbonization Mechanism Charcoal

What is the Standard for Assessing the Quality of Carbonization Mechanism Charcoal?

1. The moisture of carbonized materials

Because of the strong adsorption, the wood charcoal will easily absorbs moisture in the air after the carbonization process completed, which has caused the increasing of water content. Even though the volume of water content has no effect on the quality of products, in general, the volume of water content should not be more than 3%.

2. Volatile content

The volatile content of carbonized products is decided by the carbonizing temperature. Generally speaking, the volatile content of CO, CO2, H2, CH4 and other gaseous carbon hydrates which are released by the high temperature biomass carbonization should be less then 5%.

Carbonization Mechanism Charcoal
Carbonization Mechanism Charcoal

3. Ash content

The ash content will affect the economic value and use of the biomass charcoal. The charcoal from rice hull and straw contains much ash, so it has a low combustion temperature, which is not suitable for using in living and industry. While the charcoal from wood and branch contains little ash whose caloric value is high, and has a better economic benefits.

4. The carbon content of the mechanism charcoal

The carbon content of the mechanism charcoal will change along with the kinds of raw materials and carbonization temperatures. Generally, with the temperature increasing, the carbon content will also increase. Taking the carbonization of wood as an example, when the temperature of carbonization machine reaches 700 degree centigrade, the carbon content is the highest.

5. Calorific value of mechanism charcoal

The calorific value of mechanism charcoal has a direct relation to the carbonization temperature and the time of heat preservation. Under the condition of same carbonization temperature and time, different raw materials have different calorific values. In general, the higher carbonization temperature is, the longer time of heat preservation is, while the higher calorific value naturally is. When the carbonization temperature is less than 450 degree centigrade, the calorific value of wood and related material usually keep between 6500 and 7000 calorie/KG, while the calorific value of rice hull is usually about 6000 calorie/KG. When the temperature is over 600 degree centigrade, the carbon heat of all material can increase to 500 and 1000 calorie.

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