Biomass Carbonizer Machine

Technical Characteristics of Beston Biomass Carbonizer Machine

Because of the various organic and biomass materials containing different components and moisture, the technical parameters are also different even through the same carbonation machine. Besides, the temperature of carbonization furnace should be not less than 700 degree centigrade. The higher the temperature is, the larger the output is and the faster the carbonizing speed is, and even the operation cost can also be reduced. Different areas have different ways to utilize the artificial carbon, so the requirements for carbonization are also different. The charcoal manufacturing plant can be operated when the charcoal content has reached 15%, and when it gets to the 30%, the maximum yield of the charcoal plant will be less than 6t/h.

Biomass Carbonizer Machine
Biomass Carbonizer Machine

In the process of carbonization, the biomass carbonization plant with “one fire dual use” technology developed by Beston Group is the domestic initiate. So our carbonization machine has better technology than any other factories (referring to the operation cost and yield of per hour). The removal of massive moisture doesn’t spend cost, and the reduction of moisture is based on the residual heat and smoke, so in the whole process, we just need to account the carbonized cost, while the heat utilized rate can get over 90%. The traditional plants have no this structure and the shortcomings of these plants need to be improved.

The next is the selection of fuel. Our carbonizer equipment can design the heat air source depending on the local cheaper fuel for customers, through which can fully realize the comprehensive use of various materials such as coal, carbon, biomass material, combustible gas and combustible waste. In this way, it can not only save cost but also realize the benign recycling.

The last but not least, the carbonizer machine must use the single hot air source in the production process. If we add another hot air source and step to any equipment, the cost of fuel, electric, manual power will be increased, which is a scientific and practical problems.

The processing technology of pre-drying residual heat and smoke has been installed in the whole equipment, which can make the tail gas meet the national emission standard.

Beston biomass carbonizer machine has been equipped with mature devices and adopted advanced technology, which is the best partner for you!

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