Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Machine

Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Machine

Sugarcane bagasse is a kind of biomass material which can be made into charcoal through Beston sugarcane bagasse charcoal machine. Usually, we treat it as waste. Now, we wanna take full advantage of it and benefit from it. An environmental-friendly machine is necessary. With this Beston machine, sugarcane waste uses are widen.

Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Machine
Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Machine for Sale
sugarcane charcoal
Sugarcane Charcoal/Bagasse Charcoal


Get Sugarcane Bagasse to Charcoal Machine to Expand Sugarcane Bagasse Uses

Applying sugarcane bagasse charcoal making equipment is the most fast and efficient way for increasing economical value of sugarcane bagasse. Among results of many bagasse uses, final products may not have high economical value. Or some ways cost a lot. However, with cost-effective Beston biomass pyrolysis machine, making qualified sugarcane charcoal is a good way to maximize its economic value quickly.

Model BST-05 BST-10 BST-20 BST-30
Hourly Feeding Capacity 500kg 0.8-1T 1.5-2T 2.5-3T
Working Method Continuous
Raw Materials 1. All kinds of biomass waste, such as sawdust, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo,etc.
2. Civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge,etc
3. MSW
Heating Materials Charcoal, Wood, diesel, Natural Gas, LPG, Biomass, etc.
Total Power 40kw/h 55kw/h 60kw/h 72kw/h
Floor Area (L*W*H) 30m*15m*7m 35*15*7m 45*15*10m 50*15*10m
Life Span 5-8 Years
Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine with Several Models


Multiple Uses of Final Products Got from Beston Machine

Final Products Features and Uses
Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal We is very familiar to charcoal. The most important characteristic is that it has high caloric value without any pollution. It can be used for BBQ and all kinds of industries.

Wood Vinegar

They are high-temperature resistance and antiseptic respectively. Both of which are raw materials of many chemical products such as chemical fertilizer, pesticide, mosquito-repellent incense, paint industry, etc.
Combustible Gas The bio-gas can be recycled to heat furnace, so it provides heat energy for reactor and help save resource for investors.
Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal
Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Got from Beston Sugarcane Charcoal Machine


Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine with Advanced Technology

  • Sugarcane bagasse charcoal equipment can not only deal with sugarcane waste but also can process other biomass materials such as straw, sawdust, coconut shell, peanut shell, etc. Thus Beston biomass carbonization machine can be regarded as one machine with wide applications.
  • Beston advanced mature carbonization technology goes through a series of high-temperature reactions to produce bagasse charcoal. They includes smoke volatilization, sulfur release, carbon enrichment, etc.
  • In the whole production process, the sugarcane carbonization reactor is the most important part of charcoal making machines, which decides the working efficiency and service life of the machine. The charcoal furnace produced by Beston company has introduced excellent material, which can extend the machine’s service life for extra 2-3 years and save more cost.
making charcoal from bagasse
Bagasse Charcoal Machine with Advanced Technology


Key Points for Purchasing Right Sugarcane Charcoal Manufacturing Machine

1. The sugarcane bagasse generally contains much moisture. Therefore, before carbonized, it needs to be dried by a dryer, which can ensure the quality of finished products.

2. The configuration of machine is flexible. We can customize the reactor door size according to the size of bagasse waste in your local area.

3. As for the fuel selection, our machine can be designed according to customers’ choice. Generally, the most common fuels are coal, natural gas, biomass, flammable gas and combustible rubbish. In this way, it can save cost as well as achieve the virtuous circle.

Beston sugarcane bagasse charcoal machine for sale is  the right choice if you consider the use of sugarcane waste. We are the manufacturer which owns years of experiences. We also provide competitive price, technical support, shipment and installation service for you. Buy it right now.

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