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Wood Charcoal Making Machine

The wood charcoal making machine designed by Beston has been publicly recognized as one of the most efficient methods to dispose wood material and achieve resource recycling. In recent years, Beston wood carbonization plant has always kept a dominated status in the international market. The advanced carbonizing technology utilized to produce charcoal from wood chips is dominate initiate, which has attracted more and more foreign costumers to cooperate with us.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine
Wood Charcoal Making Machine Manufactured by Beston

Beston wood chips charcoal making machine has enjoyed a better reputation than other suppliers in the market for its high quality products with stable and smooth production process, advanced technology, unique design, as well as professional teams with perfect service. Since its launching in the market, the wood charcoal machine has been exported and installed in many countries, such as Jordan, Australia, Ukraine and Vietnam, etc. The machine has the function of one machine with multiple uses, which can be used for dealing with various types of waste, such as sludge, MSW, biomass including rice hull, sawdust, palm shell, etc. No matter which material you need to dispose, Beston wood charcoal manufacturing machine is the first choice for you.

wood chips charcoal making machine
Wood chips charcoal making machine is ready for exporting to Ukraine

Carbonization process of wood charcoal maker machine

In order to guarantee the production efficiency, we should have a pretreatment to the raw materials. So the dryer and crusher are necessary, which can remove the residual moisture and cut wood into many small pieces. In this way, we can ensure the raw materials can be heated uniformly to increase the working efficiency. After that, the subsequent steps are high temperature pyrolysis, flue gas emission, sulfur release and charcoal enrichment. During the production process, we has introduced the top heating technology called one fire with two steps, which has realized the purposes of energy-saving and cost reduction. The advanced technology can be said the luminous point of Beston wood charcoal making machines, which has attracted more and more customers.

Gas utilization of Beston wood charcoal making machine for sale

One of the most important end products from carbonization of wood is combustible gas. Generally, we will use the traditional fuels such as coal, wood and natural gas to preheat the wood carbonization furnace for 30 minutes. When it reaches the related temperature, the combustible gas will be gradually generated. The gas is the major factor to achieve the technology of one fire two steps. Usually it is purified by the spray dedusting system to remove the sulfur, and after this step, due to the high burning value, this kind of gas will be recycled to heat furnace and even the dryer device instead of coal, wood or natural gas. Therefore, this kind of technology can not only realize the energy-saving but also can reduce the investment for customers.

wood charcoal machine
Dryer of wood charcoal machine

Details about end products from wood carbonization

Through the deep carbonization process of wood, the wood chips will be converted to artificial charcoal, tar and wood vinegar. The charcoal is the most important one of all the final products, which has been widely used in many areas. For example, in the industrial area, we can use the wood charcoal to produce steel covering agency; while in our living life, it is the first choice to be used as fuel for BBQ or cooking; and in agriculture, the carbonized wood can be used to improve the quality of soil or make fertilizer. However, the functions of tar and wood vinegar are also not ignore, both of which can be used as chemical materials to produce the mosquito-repellent, oil paint, etc. All of these products can create high economic profits.

carbonized wood
Carbonized wood
Model BST-03 BST-05 BST-12 BST-20 BST-30
Raw material Sawdust, coconut shell, wood, rice husk and other biomass materials, waste sludge
Structure Horizontal
Capacity (kg/h) 300 500 1200 2000 3000
Rotary speed of furnace 3-9 turn/ min
Power (Kw/h) 11 15 18.5 30 55
Host size (Width*Height* Length) 1000*1700*800mm 1300*1900*8500mm 1600*2200*8500mm 2200*2800*8500mm 3000*3300*8500mm

In addition, the charcoal from wood chips can be also further processed into shaped charcoal such as charcoal ball, charcoal granules or strip-type charcoal by the corresponding machines according to customers’ specific requirement. The shaped charcoal have beautiful appearance, which have higher prices and create higher profits for customers.

wood carbonization
carbonization of wood
carbonizing wood

Beston Group will provide customers with both high-quality products and top-class after-sale service, including installation, training, guidance, repair, maintenance, etc. With high charcoal yield and high working efficiency, Beston wood charcoal making machine been proved to be an ideal project with low investment and high return.

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