Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine has Provided a High Business Value for Wood

With the fast growth of social economy and the increasing of people’s living quality, the demand of wood products has also become larger and larger. However, the limited wood resources also led to the high price of wood in the market. The appearance of sawdust charcoal making machine is a great solution on this problems, which not only deals with the tense station of market demand but also responds the principle of environmental protection. Sawdust carbonization plant has provided the great economic benefits for wood manufacturers, and it also increases the additional value of wood waste.

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine
Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine

In recent years, the shortage of resources has caused the cost of sawdust carbonization continuously increasing, and many factories can not accept the traditional carbonizing methods, which also makes the effective components of finished products loss directly. So the sawdust using value is lower after drying. Nowadays, customers have a higher requirement on the quality, cost and operation stability of sawdust charcoal machine.

The sawdust carbonizer produced by Beston company has just possessed the advantages of stable temperature of furnace, effective component of finished produced, higher quality. All of these have proved that Beston sawdust carbonizing machine is the best choice for everyone. Beston carbonation machines can dry various sawdust, which just needs a little energy and mainly depends on the residue heat of sawdust drying machine to realize the secondary burning. So that our machine can save 50% to 80% energy, compared with the electric heat carbonizers.

The sawdust to charcoal plant invented by Bston Group can meet the various requirement no matter to process the various raw materials or the output and technology. Based on different conditions of each factory, we have designed the unique operation flows which can ensure the best economic benefits for every one. What’s more, Beston will also arrange several professional technicians to the local factories to survey the local conditions, and they are also responsible to lead and train the local workers to install the charcoal production equipment, which can solve the troubles of clients.

charcoal from sawdust
Charcoal from sawdust

Last is the price, we have different models with different prices, and each has a reasonable price that is only to lower than other factories. Moreover, our machines can also help you reduce cost in many respects.

Beston Group always ranks the top in the whole industry and also gains a praise in the quality, design and technology. So welcome to our company, and we will give you a deep impression and worthwhile visit.

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