Waste Carbonation Machine

Introduction of Waste Carbonization Machine

Waste carbonization machine is also known as garbage reduction machine, garbage management machine, garbage gasifier, garbage disposal equipment, household waste disposal machine, municipal solid waste carbonization machine, industrial waste carbonization machine. Waste carbonization machine is suitable for various waste materials, such as biomass waste (including palm shell, coconut shell, rice hulls, wood chips, tree leaves, etc.), household waste, sewage sludge, municipal waste, industrial waste and so on.

Waste Carbonization Machine
Waste Carbonization Machine

According to the requirements of customers, Beston Group has developed the special equipment for automatic sorting and separation of municipal garbage, domestic garbage, industrial garbage and other kinds of waste with complex components, to achieve recyclable storage, sales, resource utilization. The substances under the Sieve can be used for organic fertilizer, production of biogas, improved alkali, highway construction. The substances above the sieve firstly adopt diminished carbonization method to solve its volume and then resource-based. The carbonization process can achieve harmless – that is, through a dedicated carbonization machine, the organic matter can achieve the curling up pf the volume, volatile of flue gas, pyrolysis, carbon enrichment to meet the requirements of organic carbon. The flue gas generated in the production process can be collected, stored, purified, pressurized to gas standards for civil, industrial usage or used as heat source in the carbonization process. The machine can also increase auxiliary equipment, such as electric catching and washing tower for processing. The electric catching can also separate wood vinegar and tar to achieve reusing.

The carbides generated by Beston carbonization machines can be added into coal for heating, or made of carbon rods, carbon balls, carbon masses by special equipment to be used as heating source of auxiliary fuel, which has a wide range of uses. Even if it is no longer used, the volume has been reduced to 1/10, which can increase the use cycle of landfills. Otherwise, we can also re-dug the original landfills for sorting and carbonization, to achieve the recycling of landfills.

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