Beston Carbonizing Machine for Eucalyptus Bark

Beston Carbonizing Machine for Eucalyptus Bark

The carbonizing machine for eucalyptus bark, which is made in Henan Beston Machinery Co. Ltd, shatters the barks firstly, and then carbonizes the eucalyptus bark in continuous carbonization furnace. Ignite the combustible gas for secondary combustion which is generated in the carbonization process. The continuous use of self generated heat is burning itself, in addition, in this process, the smoke has been purified in the pipeline, so there is no harmful smoke in the productive environment, which can meet the national emission standard.

Beston Carbonizing Machine for Eucalyptus Bark
Beston Carbonizing Machine for Eucalyptus Bark

In the early carbonization stage, the carbonization machine makes gas and igniting, then warming. It uses self generated smoke as the heat source to make the combustible gas enter burner through the draft fan. The burner outlet temperature rises up to 800℃-1200℃ and the flow speed can reach 3-5 meters per second. During this process, it will produce high-temperature air to heat the periphery of machine. Every kilogram of raw material can produce three cubic meters of methane gas which can be used for warming and drying heat source, besides, the reactor temperature can be adjusted freely.

Beston no smoke eucalyptus bark carbonizing machine not only solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by the dense smoke in the process of the common carbonizing equipment, but also handles the heat source, which fully achieves the self-sufficient. The machine promotes the continuity and economy, making full use of agricultural and forestry residues to turn waste into treasure, such as sawdust, eucalyptus bark, rice straw, sludge, fruit and palm shell and tobacco, so that it can alleviate the contradiction in supply and demand of forest resource, making a great contribution for green environment.

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