Continuous Bamboo Carbonization Equipment

Full Automatic Continuous Type Bamboo Carbonization Equipment

The bamboo charcoal making machine manufactured by Beston independent research and development can achieve continuous carbonation through igniting the combustible gas generated by the gasification furnace of the equipment, with the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. So it is also called environmental friendly smoke-free bamboo charcoal equipment. The Beston carbonizer machine can continuously carbonize various kinds of biomass materials, such as straw, rice husk, hemp bar, etc. The carbonized bamboo charcoal powder remains the original state basically; the equipment can be used to carbonize all of the small materials, and the flue gas generated in the carbonization process can be fully recycled for circulating combustion. The continuous carbonization machine can carbonize the materials: sawdust, shell, rice husk, hemp stem, bamboo, peanut shells, coconut shell, palm shell etc.

Continuous Bamboo Carbonization Equipment
Continuous Bamboo Carbonization Equipment

The fully automatic bamboo carbonization equipment has multiple advantages: high carbon content of finished charcoal; rapid carbonization speed; environmental protection and smoke-free carbonization environment; energy re-use; continuous and uninterrupted production process; automatic configuration to save labor; PLC automatic humanized control cabinet; high-tech and scale production.

The charcoal powder produced from bamboo and other biomass waste materials can be widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine, family and other fields. The charcoal powder can be also used for metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, soil improvement; adsorb formaldehyde to remove harmful gases in the family; dehumidification, deodorant.

The complete continuous bamboo charcoal machine is a production line that consists of gasification furnace, separator, purification furnace, draft fan, carbonizing host, spiral feeding machine, cooling discharging machine and other parts. The equipment takes the motor as driving power and the self-production gas as fuel.

Beston Machinery is a professional manufacturer of producing new-type charcoal equipment, continuous carbon powder production line, energy-saving and environmental protection gasification carbonization furnace, automatic charcoal machine production line and other series products. Looking forward to cooperating with more and more customers all over the world!

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