Beston Smokeless Carbonization Equipment

Working Principle and Advantages of Beston Smokeless Carbonization Equipment

Carbonation principle of Beston environmental smokeless carbonization equipment

In the role of the induced draft fan, the flue gas generated in the carbonization process goes through gas pipeline and then enters spray, heat exchange and condensation. Then it comes out to be pure combustible gas. The gas continues going, and then enters the bottom of the main engine in the carbonization machine to burn, as a heat source for recycling. The process can not only emit no flue gas to achieve environmental friendly production, but also achieve energy-saving and high-efficiency continuous production.

Beston Smokeless Carbonization Equipment
Beston Smokeless Carbonization Equipment

The Beston carbonization furnace equipment can not only protect the environment, but also turn waste into treasure and bring wealth, which is a good equipment with serve multiple purposes. The environmental carbonizing furnace adopts advanced technology of hot air carbonization process, which can greatly improve the carbonization rate from the previous 80% to 99% now. The carbonization time is reduced from previous 24 hours to 6 hours. Moreover, it has the advantages of convenient operation, good security, high production efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection. It is an ideal co-generation equipment of charcoal, gas, oil, fertilizer. Beston carbonation machine has longer service life, higher quality and yield, which can not only save fuel materials, but also reduce air pollution. The equipment can be directly used to carbonize wood, branches, fruit shell, corn stalks, sawdust, coconut shells, coffee grounds and other biomass to charcoal.

Advantages of Beston carbonizer machine

1. Environmental friendly: the machine doesn’t cut down trees. It takes use of original waste and turns waste into wealth.

2. Clean: it is flammable, smoke-free, non-carbon head, no spark in burning. The ash residue naturally do not float up during the burning process.

3. High energy: higher than 80% fixed carbon content; 7500-8000kcal/kg calorific value.

4. Low water content: within 5%; while the original charcoal has higher water content.

5. The final product contains no chemical substances, non-toxic, non-odor, non-pollution.

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