Wood Charcoal Making Machine

Three Conditions Required for Charcoal Production by the Environmental Wood Charcoal Making Machine

1. Sufficient raw materials for carbonizing

The raw materials used for carbonizing can be sawdust, coconut shell, rice husk, walnut shell, branches, wood chips, palm shell, peanut shell and many other kinds of crop stalks. There are two requirements on raw materials when making charcoal: firstly, the size of raw materials must be 5cm-10cm. If the raw material is too large, we need to increase a grinder. Secondly, the moisture content of raw materials can’t exceed 15%, or we need to add a dryer into the carbonation equipment.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine
Wood Charcoal Making Machine

2. The plant and the area

The charcoal plant requires a land larger than 50 square feet, and the height can’t be lower than 4m. It’s not limited where to build the plant.

3. Three-phase power

If the raw material is not particles, we need four pieces of equipment: grinder, dryer, rod making machine as well as carbonizing furnace. The production of 1t charcoal needs 250 degrees of electricity. If the raw material is smaller than 1cm, we only need three pieces of equipment, rod making machine, dryer and carbonization furnace. The production of 1t charcoal needs 180 degrees of electricity. In short, whether we need three or four pieces of equipment, the equipment is not working at the same time, which is an indirect work. One pipe-type dryer can be used for the production of two rod making machines. The drum dryer of 900*10000mm can be used for the production of five rod making machines.

The environmental wood charcoal making machine is characterized by the use of fan cooling pipe and tar collector on the furnace, thereby recovering the tar in the flue gas. It can not only reduce the waste pollution, but also recycle the tar and reduce the waste. The quality of the wood carbonization furnace has a direct impact on the price of charcoal. Beston environmental wood charcoal machine is the ideal equipment for oxygen desiccation carbonization. It has reasonable structure and can save heating energy consumption.

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