Carbonization of Different Biomass Raw Materials

Carbonization Plant to Treat Different Biomass Raw Materials

Product introduction

Having integrated the production situation of flash drying machine and fuming tank carbonization furnace, open-type carbonization furnace and other carbonization equipment, we have launched the new doubled-billet carbonization machine. The machine is aimed at dealing with sawdust, rice husk, stalks, weeds, fruit shells, biogas residue and other biomass materials, household waste, sludge, paper making slag and other organic materials.

Carbonization machine
Carbonization machine

Details description

Biomass carbonization equipment refers to a pyrolysis process of enriching the carbon. Here is a details description for common problems of Beston biomass carbonization machine:

Water content of biomass>20% Drying treatment needed
Material of main furnace 310S
Handling capacity 1-10T/H
Feeding size ≤2cm
Carbonization time 20-30min (related to water content and particle size)
Discharging temperature 30°C (water cooling)
Carbonization temperature 400°C
Carbonization rate 4:1-3:1
Fuel materials Coal, wood, natural gas, oil
biomass carbonization plant
Biomass carbonization plant

The final products from biomass carbonization can be directly or indirectly used in the following areas:

Agriculture: soil amendment, bio-carbon fertilizer;

Industry: fuel, activated carbon, steel cover agent;

Life: barbecue carbon, hookah carbon

Beston biomass charcoal machine has a great feature: one fire dual-use. It means that a heat source has two uses: one is to dry hot materials; the other one is to carbonize the materials in the furnace. The biomass carbonizing machine can be equipped with different crushers according to customers’ requirement.

Carbonization of Different Biomass Raw Materials
Carbonization of Different Biomass Raw Materials

Carbonization of different raw materials

The palm kernel shell charcoal furnace adopts superior purification technology, which is characterized by special high-temperature resistant material. It shows the advantages of stable, durable, free of distortion, oxidation, deformation, excellent insulation performance, simple operation, safe, reliable, non-carbonized blind spot and double chimney equipped, higher than 95% finished products rate. It can save labor and time because one person can run several carbonizing furnaces at the same time.

Coconut shell charcoal making machine can convert coconut shell into charcoal. Our carbonation furnace includes a carbonation plant and three raw material containers. Each container takes about 10 hours a day to coke 1.5-2 tons charcoal. Our lifting type carbonization furnace includes carbonation equipment and three raw material containers. The three containers can be recycled. The ignition time of the vessel may take 10 hours, after which the vessel needs to be cooled. Carbonization time need about 10-18 hours under normal circumstance. The three containers mainly achieve loading, carbonation, cooling cycle,

The raw materials for rice husk carbonizer can be rice husk, sawdust, coconut shell, wood and others. The final product from carbonization is charcoal, which can be used in barbecue, agricultural, activated carbon and so on. The rice hull charcoal making machine is designed with double-layer, which will allow the lower part of the machine to contact with hot air as much as possible. The rice hull carbonizer design helps improving the heat utilization efficiency from the beginning.

carbonation machine
Carbonation machine

Applications of the carbonizer machine:

– Biomass (classified from municipal waste);

– Stem cells/agricultural plant cells: palm leaves/shells, rice hulls, coconut shells;

– Industrial waste paper;

– Municipal sludge carbonization treatment;

– Soil improvement.

Advantages of the machine:

* Combustible waste can be reduced by more than 95%;

* The byproduct “artificial carbon” of the carbonization process has a high fixed carbon content (about 90%);

* Partially carbonized waste can be activated with good scalability (can be activated about 75%);

* EU emission standard;

* The energy recovery and reuse design can save fuel materials.

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