Straw Charcoal

Superior Straw Charcoal Making Equipment for Sale

Straw carbonation plant is used to produce superior charcoal from corn stalks, wheat straw, rice husk and other crop materials. The carbonization of straw needs these steps: drying, crushing, and then through dry distillation, cooling and other processes in charcoal making equipment. Finally the loose straw can be made into charcoal. For the investors in energy market, this is a new gold project.

Features of the straw carbonization machine

Crop straw charcoal machinery is mainly used in raw materials such as corn stalks, cotton stalks, wheat straw, rice hulls and so on. The resulting charcoal has the features of flammable, smoke-free, tasteless, no pollution, no residue, not easy to broken and regular shapes. The carbon content reaches up to 80%, and the calorific value reaches up to 4300~6100 kcal. The charcoal can be recycled, and the SO2 emissions is quite low in combustion.

Straw Charcoal
Straw Charcoal

The calorific value of corn stalks is about 0.7-0.8 times of coal, that is the carbonization calorific value of 1.25 tons corn stalks is equivalent to 1 ton coal. The corn straw is burning in the supplementary biomass carbonization furnace, and the combustion efficiency is 1.3-1.5 times of the coal burning stove. So the calorific value utilization rate of 1 ton corn stalks is equivalent to 1 ton coal.

Carbonization is an important method to improve the utilization value of straw biomass charcoal. The carbonization methods and process directly determine its mechanical strength, calorific value, carbon content and other main performance indicators.

Scope of application

1. Crop straw biomass charcoal is a green fuel that can replace traditional coal and liquefied petroleum gas.

2. The exhaust produced by carbonization of raw materials can be made into straw vinegar liquid products, which can be used in breeding, deodorant in public places, anti-bird flu, pesticides, etc.

3. The temperature of carbonizing furnace can reach up to 200-500 degrees. It needs recycled pipe collection to provide heating or hot water.

4. The straw biomass charcoal can be further processed into activated carbon, which can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Or used for sewage treatment. With the strengthening of environmental protection, the amount of activated carbon used in purification of waste water, waste gas will become increasingly large.

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