Continuous Carbonation Machine for Sale

Beston Latest Horizontal Continuous Carbonization Machine for Sale

Beston horizontal continuous carbonization machine can make the raw materials carbonized from drying to carbonization at once, which is mainly used for: peanut shells, sawdust, corn stalks, bagasse, tree branches, rice hulls, bamboo chips, sorghum bars, sunflower seed shells, lees, cob, sorghum, coconut shells, apricot shells, peanut shells, coffee grounds, cotton rods, bean stems, taro, dead leaves, sludge, municipal garbage and other waste materials with biomass properties.

Continuous Carbonization Machine for Sale
Continuous Carbonization Machine for Sale

The working principle of horizontal continuous charcoal making machine:

The machine adopts advanced smoke-free environmental carbonization process. The whole set of the carbonization equipment includes:

1. Gasification system: gasifier, spray tower, dust collector;

2. Purification system: spray tower, oil water separator, filter;

3. Carbonization system: carbonization host, screw feeder, spiral cutting machine, cooling discharging machine, conveyor, finished products cooling cabin;

4. Control system: control cabinet.

The whole carbonization process is automatic, which is simple to operate and can save manpower and time.

Advantages of horizontal continuous carbonization furnace:

1. Large host volume, high carbonization rate, powerful production capacity, and can carbonize 0.5-2 ton materials per hour;

2. Low investing cost, practical, and can meet the investment requirement for initial entrepreneurs.

All the internal parts in the carbonization machine are made of special precious metal steel that can bear high temperature, which is durable, no deformation, no oxidation and has good insulation performance. The machine is simple, safe and reliable, which is the top machine in carbonization industry in China.

If you want to invest in the plant, please let us know these information:

1. What kind of raw material will be processed? (such as coconut shell, rice husk, palm kernel shell, sawdust, wood chips, municipal sludge…)

2. Which capacity would you like? Or how much material do you want to handle in per hour? The capacity includes 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 1200kg/h, 2000kg/h, 3000kg/h.

3. Please confirm the moisture of the raw material (≤20% or not?). Drying machine would be equipped as pretreatment system if necessary.

4. What kind of fuel material be used for providing heat source? (wood, coal, natural gas, etc.)