Beston Palm Shell Carbonization Machine

What are the Advantages of Beston Palm Shell Carbonization Machine?

China Beston is a professional manufacturer of carbonization machines. It is the best choice for you to choose the palm shell carbonization machine. Our machine has been designed with various advantages:

Beston Palm Shell Carbonization Machine
Beston Palm Shell Carbonization Machine

1. Continuous production and high carbonization speed;

2. Large production capacity, high efficiency, high quality;

3. Simple equipment structure, stable performance, low failure rate, low maintenance rate;

4. Less consume, high output, cost-effective;

5. High degree of automation to meet the requirement of different users. The machine has introduced PLC automatic control system. The new-type continuous carbonization machine can achieve automatic adjustment from feeding materials, temperature controlling to discharging.

The biggest characteristic of the new-type environmental carbonization equipment is energy-saving, which adapts to social development needs and is in line with national policies. Beston energy-saving environmental carbonization equipment mainly include fruit shell carbonization machine, sawdust charcoal making machine, straw charcoal plant, palm shell charcoal machine, rice hull carbonizer, etc.

Beston new biomass carbonization machine can take advantages of biomass waste and turn waste into wealth. Firstly, it can not only reduce the contradiction between supply and demand of forestry resources, but also make contribution to the environment. Secondly, energy-saving. It makes full use of the smoke that the biomass waste generates itself and doesn’t need other heating materials. Thirdly, high degree of automation. Beston carbonization machine can meet the requirement of various biomass. It has introduced PLC automatic control system, which can control the carbonization speed, temperature and level. It almost realizes production automation.

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