palm shell charcoal

Environmental Protection Continuous Palm Shell Carbonization Machine

Palm shell is an ideal substitute for wood chips and other fuel materials, which can be mixed with coal to reduce coal consumption and pollution. It is suitable for large coal use industry, such as power plant, steel mills, etc.

Relative to other biomass pellet fuels, palm shell has the features of high density, small volume and low mass. It is convenient to transport and preserve. Moreover, palm shell moisture content has a high air-drying speed. These are advantages that other biomass waste doesn’t have. The combustion heat value of palm shell charcoal is between 4220 and 4550 kcal per kilogram and the volatile is smaller than 3%. So the material is cleaner and more environmental protection.

palm shell charcoal
Palm Shell Charcoal

Compared with coal, palm shell has the following advantages:

* The heat generated by 1.2kg palm shell can replace the heat by 1kg standard coal.

* Due to the limited area of the burners and economizers, the burning rate of the coal burner is only 68% of the total investment.

* Palm shell fuel can make the fuel material burn more fully. The thermal efficiency can reach 90%, which can directly save 15% of the cost.

Compared with natural gas boiler:

* 1 cubic meters of natural gas can be replaced with 2.4 kg of palm shell fuel to produce the same heat.

* the thermal efficiency of the natural gas is 85% of the total input.

* Palm shell fuel can save 20% of the cost.

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine
Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal Machine

Compared with the oil-fired boiler:

* 1kg of the fuel oil is replaced with 2.9 kg of palm shell fuel to produce the same heat.

* the thermal efficiency of the oil-fired boiler is 85% of the total input.

* The palm shell fuel can directly save 30% of the cost.

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