Charcoal Making Machine

Usage and Operation of Carbonization Machine

Usage and operation of carbonizing machine:

1. Before starting, operator should read the note on duty, make an overall check on the equipment, check the fastening condition of bolts of connecting parts, check the oil level of reducer and the lubricating condition of bearing, keep enough oil supply. Everyday operator should add lubricant on the turning gear.

2. The carbonizing machine should start in the condition of zero-load and be added materials when reach the condition of start. Before stop the machine, you should stop adding the materials first then stop warming up. When emptying all the materials, you can stop the draught fan, dust-removing fan and other external equipment. Until the temperature showed on the temperature sensor is up to the environment temperature or under 60 degree, you could stop the main machine. Except special situation, stopping machines with load is not allowed.

Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal Making Machine

3. After long-time or first using, it is required to check the machine overall: if the bolt becomes flexible, if the oil of each part is enough, if the lubrication is good, if the electric wiring and the wiring of electric system are right, if the weld line is loose, if the internal air flue of carbonizer machine is smooth. If everything is good, start and try the machine and observe if the direction of turning of carbonizing and every external equipment machine are right. After ensure every direction of turning of motor is right, you can start the carbonizing machine formally.

4. No matter what method you use when adding material in the carbonizing machine, you need make them continuous and well-distributed and you would better use de-ironing separator to clean iron ore and other sundries. In order to avoid accident, the iron ore and stone which are bigger than 30mm are forbidden to add in the machine.

5. When using the biomass carbonization machine, if you find unusual noise, unusual high temperature of the transmission unit or unusual odour, you should stop it in time and restart after find out the reason and remove the bug.