Carbonazing Machine In Malaysia

All About The Carbonizing Machine’s Installation and Adjustment

The carbonizing machine’s Installation and adjustment are described as follows:

1. Before the carbonization machine leaves the factory, all parts of its including the transmission unit have assembled together for integral lifting. To the users whose installation condition is limited could use fission lifting. When assembling, please ensure that the input axis of reducer should keep concentric or parallel with the motor shift and its output should keep concentric or parallel with the gearbox. After assembling these, you need turn the input axis of reducer with hands to make the gearbox tuning several rounds smoothly, then fixing the relative position of electric machinery, reducer and gearbox, finally after fixing the mainframe, adjusting the relative position of carrier gear and gear ring of main machine(mainly examining and adjusting the tooth surface contact, tooth space and so on). Especially notice that the fixation of the bottom of the gearbox must be gears. After assembling all the rotation part, please rotating the main machine one to three circles. If everything is usual, idle running can begin, but the time of idle running cannot be under 2 hours. Please observing if there is any unusual vibration, noise, and high temperature of main machine.

Carbonating Machine In Malaysia

2. After assembling parts of the carbonizing machine accurately, then assembling the draught fan, water conduits, air ducts and other external equipment, finally assembling the electric control system. The electric control system must be assembled and adjusted by the specific technicist who is dispatched by the manufacturer. The assembly of temperature sensor should be according to the instruction book strictly, in order to avoid the failure of sensor. Please taking some appropriate methods to protect the lead wire of sensor to avoid its broken and burnout. You can take the methods of poling or buried to protect it.

3. The electric system should be put in the place with little dust and keep a certain distance with hot-blast stove of main machine. It can be hanged on the wall, pillar and support installed.

4. Before test running please ensure if the direction of turning of the main machine of carbonizing machine, every induced draft fan, air blower and feed-in and feed-out device(if there is) is right. If finding any fault when inching, you need adjust any two lines of power supply. Ensure whether the reducer is added in oil with required quality and brand. Ensure whether the temperature sensor is connected with the electric device rightly. Starting the test running after assemble and check the machine according to the above description.

5. The time of non-load test running cannot be under 6 hours then warming up it. When the temperature is up to or close to the carbonizing temperature of relative materials, you can test the running. During the time, check the machine through senses of sight, hearing, and smelling to require the running of the machine stable and no special noise.

6. During the 4 hours of running, the temperature of bearing, motor and reducer will be up and keep constant. The up of highest temperature of bearing is not exceeded 40℃ and the highest temperature is not exceeded 70℃. The allowed temperature is not exceeded to 45-60℃. The highest temperature is not exceeded 80℃, the up temperature of motor is not exceeded 65℃, the highest temperature is not exceeded 105℃.