Continuous Biomass Carbonation Machine

The High-efficiency and Energy-saving Continuous Biomass Carbonization Machine Can Reduce Cost

Along with the development of economic and progress of social, the corporate energy consumption issue has become increasingly prominent and energy-saving emission reduction is imminent. Energy saving is reducing cost, which means more profit margins and stronger competitiveness. Choosing to improve the environmental carbonization equipment is not only in line with national and social requirement, but also with the interests of enterprise development.

Continuous Biomass Carbonization Machine
Continuous Biomass Carbonization Machine

Beston high-efficiency continuous carbonization furnace is a kind of systematic equipment that takes advantage of biomass raw materials for energy conversion and replaces the traditional fuels to supply heat for the carbonization equipment. It consists of three systems, which are gasification system, purification cooling system, carbonization system. They are specially used for dealing industrial waste residues in agriculture and forestry, which is also the best choice for environmental protection transformation and upgrading in carbonization plant.

According to the need of customers, the dual-type charcoal making equipment can be implemented PLC automatic control. The equipment is widely adaptable to raw materials and realize the high-efficiency and environmental protection of carbonization. Combined with special combustion methods, it also has the double effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

Beston continuous biomass carbonization machine has obvious benefits: taking renewable biomass energy as raw material, it can achieve the sustainable use of energy. The carbonizer machine adopts low temperature sub-combustion technology and there is no N02, SO2, dust and other emissions in the flue gas. The equipment has low operating cost; the charcoal carbonization furnace structure design is reasonable, and the cost of producing 1 ton finished charcoal can reduce 30%-50%; simple operation and convenient maintenance; automated operating process, convenient and simple operation, small workload and saving manpower.