Biomass carbonization machine

How to Ensure No Harmful Gas Generating in Carbonization Process?

In order to respond the policy of environmental protection, we should eliminate the harmful components of tail gas in carbonization process. It is inevitable to have tail gas generation no matter in the process of carbonization, pyrolysis or distillation. The reason why the smoke generates is that the organic of raw materials are not burned uniformly. At the same time, the smoke also contains complicate components. It is available to see that many industries always discharge the black smoke directly, which has caused a serious air pollution and is forbidden by the government. Under this circumstance, there is no doubt that we must take measures to make the gas meet international emission standards in the production process.

Biomass carbonization machine
Biomass carbonization machine

What we can do to improve the situation is very easy. We just need to collect the harmful gas through the professional condensation system equipped in the carbonizer machine. After this step, the tail gas containing much combustible components can be collected, such as the CO, H2, methane. These combustible gas can be recycled into the burner through the pipe, so in this way, it can not only realize the resource recycling but protect the environment. In addition, we will consider that what the major components of the harmful material are which have been collected. They are so complex and mainly include wood vinegar and wood tar. In generally, we can take two measures to extract the useful materials: the one is the stewing, we just leave it alone for several months, and the materials will have separation naturally; the other one is the complicate method to distillate, the materials can be processed by the distillation system under the condition of high temperature. The last step is condensation system, according to different condense temperatures to separate different materials.

Environmental protection is not only the response of government but also the duty of each person. Protecting environment is equal to protect our future. Each of us should take measures to do it even though the little things.

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