Garbage Carbonization Machine

An Introduction of Industrial Waste Disposal Method – Garbage Carbonization Machine

In our daily life, it will inevitably create some garbage, which includes household garbage, industrial garbage, etc. Industrial waste is more harmful to the environment than domestic waste. Industrial waste refers to the solid waste discharged by machinery, light industry and other industries in the production process, such as machinery and industry cutting debris, grinding debris, waste sand, etc., food industry’s activated carbon slag, silicate industry and construction brick, tile, gravel, concrete fragments. So, how to deal with the industrial waste? Let’s have a look at the common methods below.

Garbage Carbonization Machine
Garbage Carbonization Machine


Classification stacking

Generally, the first disposal of industrial waste is garbage classification: part of the waste for recovery and reuse, and part for landfill and incineration.

Classification of industrial waste

1. Food waste: refers to the waste generated in the sale, storage, processing, consumption process of a variety of food. This type of rubbish is highly corrosive, decomposes fast, and will emit stench.

2. Ordinary trash: including waste paper products, waste plastics, rags and all kinds of textiles, waste rubber, broken leather products, waste wood and wood products, broken glass, scrap products and dust. The ordinary garbage and food waste are the main in urban waste recycling.

3. Construction waste: including soil, stones, concrete blocks, broken brick, waste wood, waste pipe, electrical waste and so on. These kinds of garbage is generally handled by the construction unit itself, but there is also a considerable amount of construction waste entering urban waste.

4. Sweeping garbage: including waste from public trash cans, sweeping things in public places and wastes after pavement damage, etc.

5. Hazardous rubbish: including various chemical and biological dangerous goods, such as dry-cell battery, fluorescent tube and thermometer, flammable and explosive materials and radioactive waste. Generally, such rubbish should not be mixed into ordinary rubbish.

waste carbonization system
Waste carbonization system


Composting method

Using composting methods to dispose rubbish can turn rubbish into organic fertilizer. However, the fertilizer efficiency of this waste fertilizer is low, with limited sales and little room for development.

Landfill method

The landfill of waste has less investment, large capacity and the technical requirement is not high. However, its permanent large area has the potential of causing pollution, with serious damage.


The incineration of waste has the advantages of heat recovery and complete waste reduction (80%-95% reduction in volume of refuse after incineration). however, this method is costly to build an incinerator and ancillary heat recovery equipment for daily disposal of 1000 tons of waste, which needs 7-8 million yuan. (Date from network, for reference only.)

Garbage carbonizing method

Industrial waste carbonization machine is also known as waste reduction machine, garbage disposal machine, garbage carbonization machine, municipal solid waste carbonization machine, etc. The carbonization equipment is suitable for all the large and medium-sized cities, towns and villages, garbage centralized treatment units, charcoal use of screened substances after the sorting of trash organic matter.


According to customers’ requirements, Beston Group has designed special equipment to automatically sort the urban garbage, household waste, industrial waste and other kinds of garbage with complex components. Some of the garbage can be used as organic fertilizer, biogas production, improve alkali, the construction of road use; other part of garbage can be carbonized by the charcoal production equipment. Through a series of reactions, the municipal solid waste can be processed into charcoal, which can be widely applied in many areas. The rubbish carbonization method can make full use of municipal solid waste and achieve the fully recycling of waste.

The above is the related introduction of industrial waste disposal methods. We live on the earth, and the environment is closely related to our life and climate, etc. We should protect our living environment and minimize the pollution as much as possible. The progress of mankind is indispensable to the development of industry. Industrial development must inevitably lead to the generation of industrial waste. We can not enjoy the convenience brought about by industrial development and at the same time undermine our living environment. Therefore, the treatment of industrial waste is particularly important. The waste carbonizer machine is the best device to deal with the urban waste at present. If you want to learn about more details, please contact us.

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