Beston Charcoal Making Equipment

Beston Charcoal Making Equipment Brings You Great Profits

For the investors who would like to invest in biomass charcoal making equipment – carbonization machines, the most important thing is how much profit it can bring. Next, I will simply account for the profit created by Beston charcoal making machine for you.

Beston Charcoal Making Equipment
Beston Charcoal Making Equipment

The raw materials’ cost of mechanism charcoal is generally 150 – 200 yuan, while the domestic market price of mechanism charcoal is generally 1500-2600 yuan per ton; the price of exported charcoal is generally 3000-4500 yuan per ton, while the price of high-quality charcoal is up to 5000-7500 yuan in each ton. With the by-products of mechanism charcoal – wood tar and vinegar, we will get high economic benefits by investing in charcoal making industry.

The following table is a simple accounting for your reference:



1Raw Materialton260 yuan120 yuan




0.2 yuan




4Plant depreciationYuan




20 yuan50㎡ plant for 10   years
5Equipment depreciationYuan




23 yuanFor 6 years



120 yuan
7TaxesYuan124 yuan24 yuan
8Production costTon


1448 yuan
9Price of charcoalTon


11800 yuan
10ProfitTon11350 yuan

Beston (Henan) Machinery Co. ltd. has the most advanced environmental continuous carbonization equipment for sale, also known as environmental carbonization furnace, continuous charcoal making machine, charcoal production line or biochar production equipment. All the equipment will be sold out according to the ex-factory charcoal making machine price, so do not miss the ultra-low price.

Beston carbonization machine can realize continuous charcoal production by igniting the combustible gas generated by the raw materials in the carbonization furnace, with the advantages of energy-saving, environmental friendly, high efficiency. The environmental carbonizing furnace can continuously carbonize wood, bark, sawdust, rice husk, palm shell, bamboo, mahogany, coffee shell, palm shell, straw, walnut shell and so on.

Beston carbonizer machine adopts the way of high temperature biomass pyrolysis, fully using the combustible gases generated in the process of carbonization, such as carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen. Wood tar and vinegar can be separated by flue gas purification system, and then we can get pure combustible gas, which can provide heating for carbonizing furnace or dryer.

Beston Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier to produce series of carbonization equipment, including new-type wood charcoal making machine, continuous rice husk carbonizer, energy-saving and environmental carbonization furnace, automatic charcoal production line, etc., which has achieved the leading level of carbonization industry in China. The products has been exported to many foreign countries, such as South Africa, Australia, Canada, etc.