Municipal Solid Waste Carbonization Technology

Environmental Protection Characteristics and Technical Advantages of Municipal Solid Waste Carbonization Technology

The municipal solid waste carbonization furnace is a new type of waste disposal equipment, which can maximize the realization of waste reduction, harmless and resource-based, in line with the country’s purpose of garbage disposal. Compared with other waste disposal methods such as landfill, compost and incineration, the carbonization technology has the advantages of low investment, small occupied area, low running cost, short construction period, easy location and simple handling technology. The carbonization equipment is a kind of safe and hygiene, technically reliable, economically applicable waste disposal technology. With the country’s efforts to further strengthen the ecological environment, the technology will have a goog market prospects, and provide a good way to solve the current waste disposal problems for the government at all levels.

Municipal Solid Waste Carbonization Technology
Municipal Solid Waste Carbonization Technology

The waste carbonization furnace adopts high temperature heating method to generate the following products:

– Charcoal

– Combustible gas

– Tar

– Wood vinegar

The whole carbonizing process includes four steps: high temperature pyrolysis, flue gas discharge, sulfur emission and charcoal enrichment. The ash, dioxins, SO2, CO and other waste gases generated in the garbage processing will go through the desulfurization and dedusting system, to meet the national’s emission standards. The whole production process is pollution-free.

In the production process, the MSW carbonization furnace doesn’t need gas, oil or any other fuels, so the processing cost is quite low; a wide range of treatment: the charcoal machine can be also used for dealing with other waste materials, such as bamboo, fruit shells, corn straw, etc.; there is only a small amount of flue gas emissions generated in the carbonization process; the charcoal produced from the carbonizing furnace have a wide applications. In order to make the operation achieve the best condition, the charcoal making machine is equipped with a corresponding pre-sorting system according to the analysis of local waste components.

Benefits of waste carbonization technology

1. The garbage carbonization process doesn’t use coal, oil or any other auxiliary fuels, with low operating cost;

2. A wide range of treatment;

3. The garbage can be fed into the charcoal carbonization furnace directly without sorting;

4. Small amount of flue gas and harmful ingredients, simple treatment process, low processing cost;

5. Obvious garbage reduction effect;

6. It is simple to choose the plant site: residential area can be 600 meters away, and you will save a lot of transportation costs and reduce contradictions and disputes.

The waste carbonization project adopts a safe, reliable, environmental friendly and pollution-free, economical and practical waste disposal technology, which will be the key project supported by the government. It is recommended to promote the use of waste carbonization machine in the cities and countries, to realize the economic and social benefits and create a cleaner environment for the next generation.