Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Characteristics and Advantages of Beston Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Carbonization furnace is a charcoal making equipment that refers to dry distillation and high temperature carbonization of wood chips, sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, plant stalks, bark and other woody materials (smaller than 15mm) and then generating charcoal. The carbonizing furnace adopts the advanced technology that the carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and other combustible gas generated in the carbonization process can be recycled, purified and reused. The new-type carbonization furnace has added flue gas recovery device on the basis of original furnace, and the flue gas recovery can achieve dust-free and smoke-free. It has made use of dry distillation carbonization principle, and make the raw materials generate gas, tar and charcoal.

Continuous Carbonization Furnace
Continuous Carbonization Furnace


The newest carbonizing furnace designed by Beston has the function of high efficiency, environmentally friendly and one machine with dual-use. The raw materials can be carbonized directly, or first made into rod and then carbonized. The new carbonization furnace is in line with today;s environmental theme, with the features of high carbonization production, short carbonization cycle, high-quality end products. It is also equipped with flue gas treatment device, which will not cause pollution to the surrounding population.

The biggest advantage of the new carbonization furnace is to solve the pollution problem generated by smoke, but also to solve the thermal problem required by the charcoal making equipment. The carbonization furnace for charcoal has achieved fully self-sufficient, improved the continuous and economical of the equipment, and also made full use of agricultural and forestry residues, to make waste into treasure as well as reduce the contradiction between supply and demand of forestry resources, and make more contributions to the green environment.

Features and advantages of Beston carbonization furnace for charcoal

1. It doesn’t need to add any heating devices.

The heat required for the carbonization of raw materials in the furnace is derived from the spontaneous combustion of the material itself and combustible gas, which does not need electricity, gas, coal and firewood, so there is no need to add any heating equipment;

2. The technology of the furnace is mature, simple, safe and reliable;

3. The end product from the furnace, charcoal, has high quality;

4. The carbonizing furnace has long service life and low maintenance cost.

5. The charcoal making furnace can be used for processing various kinds of raw materials, including municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, biomass waste, etc. You can feed another kind of raw materials after one batch.

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