Carbonization Project of Combustible Living Waste

Carbonization Project of Combustible Living Waste and Sawdust

We all know that green plants utilize chlorophyll to transform carbon dioxide and water into glucose by photosynthesis and store light energy in it. Then group glucose with starch, cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin to form into the substance of plants. We can comprehend that so-called biomass is the general name of all the organism generated by photosynthesis, including plants, crops, forest products, marine products (various seaweed) and municipal waste (paper, natural fibers) and so on. Therefore, biomass is the important renewable resource featured with huge amount and wide distribution.

Carbonization Project of Combustible Living Waste
Carbonization Project of Combustible Living Waste

The carbonization project of combustible living waste and sawdust mainly uses combustible garbage and sawdust as raw materials to produce the artificial charcoal, and this kind of technology has passed through the process including high temperature pyrolysis, fuel gas volatilization, sulphur release and charcoal enrichment. We have researched and developed this technology for 30 years. The outstanding characteristics of our carbonation machines include lower energy consumption, simple operation structure, low investment, high return and little environmental pressure. In addition, the final products of our charcoal production machine has high caloric value and obvious resource.

Nowadays, our carbonization plant has been used in various industries, such as living life, industrial area, agricultural production and even the governmental department. As for the biomass materials, they are all important raw materials for the carbonization equipment, such as straw shell, peanut shell, rice hull, and coconut shell etc. The industrial carbonization machine can fully realize resource recycling, whose resource recycling rate can reach 95%. Compared with landfill directly, Beston charcoal machine also can save 80% occupation of land. At the same time, the sawdust charcoal making machine project can also avoid the release of odor and the pollution of soil and waster caused by the harmful liquid.

The end product generated by the carbonator machine called artificial charcoal, which has high charcoal contents about 90% and is the double times than the traditional coal. Finally, this kind of material can also be further processed as the additive to produce activated carbon.

All of these have proved that our products will be the best choice for you to create higher benefits. So if you are interested in our project, please call us directly or leave your information.

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