biomass carbonization machine

Carbonization Furnace Conforms to the Development of Biomass Energy

1. Background

Engine shortage and environmental problems have become the global focus. With the fast increasing of the engine consumption, the extensive use of fossil fuels has brought serious environmental pollution and ecological damage. The amount of the general engines such as coal, oil and natural gas, is decreasing because of the large scale exploitation and utilization. The method that we generally use to burn has caused great waste. So exploring cleaning renewable energy has become the urgent need of sustainable development.

biomass carbonization machine
Biomass carbonization machine

Renewable energies include the solar, hydro, wind, geothermal, tidal and biomass energy. Among these renewable energies, the biomass energy is one of the earliest source that human use, and it is also the only one comprehensive energy on the earth which has continuous operation, controllable scale. In addition, this kind of energy can be also stored and transported. With the huge amount, wide distribution and large development potential, the biomass energy is an important renewable energy. We can also use the carbonization of biomass technology to realize the CO2 zero emission and save conventional energy, which can meet the demand of sustainable development.

2. Connecting the development of biomass carbonization with the improvement of ecological environment

At present, the biomass carbonization industries mainly include the power generation, gas supply in countryside, biomass carbonization furnace and kiln. Because the industry furnace can discharge plenty of SO2 and NOx, which are one of the main sources of atmospheric soot pollution. In addition, the energy consumption and pollution emission of industry furnace rank second in the world industry, which is just less than the power plant furnace, and its consumption of coal is obviously higher than the high energy consuming industries such as steel industry, petrifaction industry. While the carbonisation of biomass technology opens up a bright road for the improvement of industry furnace and kiln, and also makes a great contribution on environmental protection.

carbonization mainframe
Carbonization mainframe

3. Brief introduction of biomass carbonization technology and equipment

The carbonation of biomass means using the oxygen or oxygenated material as carbonizing agent to turn biomass into combustible gas which contains CO, H2, CH4 under the incomplete combustible condition. According to the different carbonization environments, the biomass’s carbonization can be divided into air carbonization, oxygen carbonization, steam carbonization and pyrolysis carbonization. The air carbonization technology can directly use air as the carbonation agent, which has a higher efficiency. This kind of technology has a wide applications, and it is also the simplest and the most economic one of all the carbonization technologies.

Biomass carbonization furnace is the major device of the biomass carbonation, which has three common forms including fixed bed, fluidized bed and portable bed. The fixed bed is the most common one. Beston company is mainly specialized in researching and developing charcoal kilns for sale. In addition, our products can be connected with the traditional fuel oil furnace, heat conduction oil furnace, heat exchanger, drying machine, carbonization machine, which has a wide range of applications.

pulverizer device
Pulverizer equipment

4. The characters of sealed carbonization stove

The sealed carbonation furnace produced by Beston Machinery has several features as follows:

* Biomass raw materials have a wide applications, so that various agricultural or forestry waste can be recycled after drying and crushing;

* It can produce the combustible gas with high calorific value, which can directly replace the other combustible gases to be used in industry;

* special environmental protection design makes the whole production process no black smoke emission;

* With high automation, the industrial carbonation machine can intelligently and automatically control the feeding system and discharging system;

* Wide applications: the sealed carbonization kiln can not only continuously provide the heat for the furnace but also can be used in biomass power station of large, medium and small scales. Besides, it also can be applied in internal combustion engines and steam turbines, and this kind of machine can produce heat gas through the heat exchanger to provide agriculture with heat to dry and warm;

* High cost-effective: low investment and high return, it has a substantial economic benefits;

* This kind of researching has met the national environmental and energy saving project, so as to easily get the supporting of government.