Palm Shell Charcoal

A New Kind of Environmental Resource – Palm Shell Charcoal

In recent years, with the increasing demand of palm shell charcoal both at home and abroad, the new environmental protection continuous palm shell carbonization machines appear in the market to meet the clients’ demand. Palm shell is an ideal alternative fuels for wood chips and it can reduce the coal consumption to decline the pollution through mixing with coal. The charcoal from palm shell is suitable for the industries with a large coal consumption, such as power plants, steel works.

Compared with other biomass materials, palm shell has the distinct advantages of high density, light weight, and it is also convenient to transport and store. With fast drying speed, palm shell is an environmental and clean material because its calorific value is 4220 to 4550 calories per kilogram and the volatility is less than3%.

Palm Shell Charcoal
A New Kind of Environmental Resource – Palm Shell Charcoal

Compared with the coal, the outstanding advantages of palm shell charcoal are as follows:

1. 1 kg of energy produced by the standard coal can be replaced by 1.2 kg of palm shell fuel;

2. Due to the limitation of the heated area of the burner and the coal saving device, the burning rate can only reach 68% of the total amount;

3. Palm shell fuel can be fully burned and its thermal efficiency is up to 90%, savings 15% cost directly;

4. Compared with natural gas boilers: 2.4 kg of palm shell fuel replacing 1 cubic meters of natural gas can produce the same heat. The thermal efficiency of natural gas is 85% of the total amount,but palm shell fuel can directly save 20% cost;

5. Compared with the oil fired boiler: 2.9 kg of palm shell fuel can replace 1 kg of fuel oil to produce the same heat. The thermal efficiency of oil is 85% of the total amount, but use of palm shell fuel can directly save 30% cost.

palm kernel shell carbonization machine
Palm kernel shell carbonization machine

In order to improve the quality of steel, the steel surface dropping and structural instability caused by cooling system, it is necessary to use a covering agent. At present, most of the domestic industries use rice husk charcoal and coconut shell charcoal, while the palm shell charcoal is not very popular among the industry. But the palm kernel shell charcoal has the characteristics of light weight, low thermal conductivity and so on, so it can better protect the external the steel plate from the external influences in the process of production. We have introduced some main knowledge of palm shell charcoal, and if you have any other questions, please contact us at any time.

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