coconut shell charcoal making machine

What You Need to Learn Before Buying Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Coconut shell

Chemical composition: 0.33% ash, lignin 36.51%, 53.06% cellulose, 29.27% pentosan.

Uses of coconut shell carbonization:

The coconut shell charcoal can be used to make activated carbon. The carbonization machine can separate the wood tar and vinegar automatically. The wood tar contains more than 300 kinds of chemical elements, which is an important chemical raw material; it has the feature of waterproof, so it is an excellent raw material for shipbuilding industry; it also can be used for chemical and medicine raw material, or plant nutrition regulates auxin, which is good for the growth of plant and insecticide. The vinegar can be used for food incense preservative, or the treatment of medical sterilization and skin disease aspect.

coconut shell charcoal
Coconut shell charcoal

Price of coconut shell carbonization furnace:

How much does a set of coconut shell charcoal making machine cost? It depends on the material and size of the machine. Beston Group has developed four models of the machine to meet different customers. In you want to know the detailed price, please contact us by email.

Raw materials available for the coconut shell carbonizer machine:

The continuous carbonization machine has a wide range of carbonized materials, including sawdust, wood chips, rice husk, peanut shells, plant stalks, bark, sludge charcoal, garbage, palm shell, coconut shell, organic, hemp, walnut shell and other biomass materials with size of less than 20mm. These materials are carbonized and dry distilled under high temperature and anoxic conditions. It is an ideal equipment that has high carbonization rate. In the coconut shell charcoal making process, the resulting carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and other combustible gas can be recovered and purified by advanced technology, which can not only solve the pollution problem caused by smoke, but also provides thermal power for the whole carbonizing equipment. In this way, the charcoal making equipment can achieve fully self-sufficiency, improve the continuity and economy of the equipment, make full use of agricultural surplus, finally to turn waste into treasure, reduce the contradiction between supply and demand of forestry resources in the world, as well as make contribution to the green environment.

coconut shell charcoal making machine
South Africa customers are visiting coconut shell charcoal making machine

Working principle of coconut shell carbonization machine:

Firstly, the carbonizer machine make the raw materials heated in the furnace to generate flue gas; after purified by flue gas purification system, the gas will be the filtered, and then we will get wood tar and vinegar and other gas impurities; transport the flue gas into carbonization machine for combustion; to a certain temperature, feed the raw materials into the furnace through the pipeline transmission and make the materials burned in the furnace; the combustion of organic needs to meet three points: heat, oxygen and organic matter; as the inner of the machine is almost sealed, which can’t meet the need of oxygen; so under the temperature of 800℃, the materials in the furnace will not be burned into ash, only to charcoal; after purified, the flue gas generated by the combustion of raw materials will go back to the carbonization machine for heating, which achieves the continuous operation of thermal energy, to realize the effect of smoke-free, environmental friendly and continuous; after going through the cooling system, the temperature of the charcoal is reduced to 50-80℃; then we can discharge the charcoal.

Coconut shell charcoal making machine manufacturer:

The advantages of Beston continuous carbonization furnace are as below:

1. The machine has adopted intelligent control system to save labor power, towards the development of efficient, automated and intelligent.

2. It has achieved the new technology of continuous feeding, carbonization and discharging.

3. It has realized the co-production technology of charcoal, gas, fertilizer, and solved the high energy consumption, pollution and low efficiency of traditional equipment.

4. In the charcoal carbonization process, the wood tar, vinegar and combustible gas can be automatically collected, to achieve efficient use of renewable energy.

charcoal making machine manufacturer
Charcoal making machine manufacturer – Beston

Features of coconut shell charcoal machinery:

Unique carbonizer design; raw materials will be automatically dried and removed the water, which has greatly improved the efficiency of carbonization; it has met the needs of different customers no matter in quality or efficiency; the feature of energy-saving also has gained the support from the government.

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