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Usages of Biochar Produced by Beston Charcoal Making Machine

Biochar is produced by new technology-pyrolysis process. Beston charcoal making machine for sale with latest pyrolysis technology is able to produce charcoal continuously. Due to rich source of raw material and excellent performance of biochar, the charcoal is widely applied in the field of industry, agriculture and environment.

Beston Biochar Making Machine for Sale

1. Fuel

Normally, we can carbonize biomass waste (wood, coconut shell, bamboo, bagasse, rice husk, straw, sawdust, manure, etc.) to charcoal. This biomass charcoal has good combustion performance and high calorific value. Accordingly, it can be regarded as the fuel of industry. Most customers use this charcoal to heat BBQ. When burning this charcoal, there isn’t pollution. Besides, This resource produced by Beston biochar production machine relieves the consumption pressure of fossil energy and reduce the emission of carbon emission.

Coconut Shell
BBQ Charcoal
BBQ Charcoal

2. Soil Fertilizer

In agriculture, most farmer use biochar to improve the soil and increase crop yield.

Firstly, biochar can enhance soil fertility, like rice husk charcoal. There are a great deal of mad elements. These elements is conducive to increase the content of P, Mg, K, N and Ca in the soil. Moreover, the biochar itself has abundant carbon. Putting biochar into the soil is equal to increase the organic carbon in the soil.

Secondly, biochar has the function of adsorption of pollutants. Biochar has strong adsorption capacity. When farmer put biochar into soil, some organic pollutants and heavy metals will be absorbed. Therefore, the quality of soil can be greatly enhanced.

Rice hull
Rice hull
Rice hull charcoal
Rice hull charcoal to improve soil

3. Activated Carbon

After further processed by other machine, biochar can be made to activated carbon which has high value in the market. Generally, we use this kind of activated carbon to clean air, drink water, sewage, waste smoke, etc. What’s more, it is a good material to remove sulfur dioxide.

All in all, biochar made by Beston charcoa making machine has high commercial value for customers. The usages of biochar depend on the raw materials. The charcoals generated by different materials have different properties. Consult us and we will provide professional guidance for you.

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