Sewage Sludge Carbonization

Solutions of Municipal Sewage Sludge Drying, Gasification, Pyrolysis & Carbonization

Municipal sewage sludge generally refers to river sludge and municipal sludge. The sludge often has high water content, if directly carbonized, it will affects the efficiency and service life of the carbonization equipment. So the drying pertreatment for the sewage sludge is the key to the whole process. Beston sewage sludge carbonization technology refers to: the sewage sludge that has been dried enters gasifier and carbonization machine, then drying and pyrolysis make it gasified fully. In the condition of pyrolysis and organic polymer dissolved, it will be gasified into small molecules combustible gas and residue of slag, which can kill bacteria in the sludge for the whole process.

Sewage Sludge Carbonization
Sewage Sludge Carbonization

Under normal circumstances, after dried, the water content of the sewage sludge will decrease to less than 20%, and its calorific value will increase significantly, which is usually 2000kcal per kilogram. The sewage sludge drying equipment can deal with sewage sludge with 60% water content. If higher than 60%, it will need sewage sludge dehydration pretreatment equipment. The sewage sludge disposal is often divided into three parts: drying (80~120℃), carbonization (450~1000℃), pyrolysis and gasification (1000~1200℃).

The above solutions of sewage sludge carbonization has the following characteristics:

1. It can effectively inhibit the production and emission of Dioxin.

2. It has a short processing time and the entire process only needs 30 minutes. It also 100% guarantees to kill harmful bacteria and eliminate odor.

3. Sewage sludge resource has a wide range of applications. Carbonization and directly used as heating material in boiler, natural gas for machinery industry.

4. Low operation cost.

5. It doesn’t affect the surrounding environment. It has small noise and no peculiar smell.

Because the types of sludge are complex, we need to have detailed analysis on different sludge and then achieve sludge comprehensive treatment. Beston Machinery is a professional carbonation plant manufacturer. Contact us for detailed quotation and parameter of the carbonation machine.