Continuous Carbonization Furnace

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With the extensive applications of mechanism carbon, the carbonation machine industrial is becoming more and more popular. To buy a good and suitable carbonization machine, you need to inspect it from many aspects, such as quality, performance, production, environmental protection and so on. Beston Group is an excellent carbonization machine manufacturer with high-quality products and first-class service, which is the best choice for you.

Continuous Carbonization Furnace
Continuous Carbonization Furnace


The working principle of Beston continuous carbonization furnace: firstly, ignite the combustible materials (such as sawdust, leftover of wood, etc.) in the gasifier; after combustion, the generated flue gas is sprayed, cooled, purified and processed through other processes in the pipeline; as the heat source of pre-carbonization process, the resulting combustible gas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, etc.) dries and heats the raw materials in the carbonizer; then carbonozation process.

The flue gas generated in the biomass carbonization process goes through the spraying, cooling, purification and other processes again, so that the resulting combustible gas for secondary combustion. By circulating in this way, the use of autogenous heat generated by burning autologous to achieve the effect of energy-saving. In addition, the flue gas is purified in the pipeline, which makes the production process environmental and smoke-free, to achieve nation emission standards.

Beston Machinery has been specialized in the development and production of carbonization equipment since its establishment. The main research and development of carbonization furnace equipment includes: carbonization furnace, carbonization machine, straw charcoal machine, sawdust charcoal making machine, coconut shell charcoal making machine, rice hull carbonizer and other supporting equipment such as straw grinder, etc. The carbonation machine manufactured by Beston can not only take advantage of continuous carbonization furnace to process mechanism carbon powder, but also process activated carbon. So that turn the biomass materials into treasure.

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