What Functions Does The Biomass Carbonization Machine’s Control System Have?

The biomass carbonization production line includes three basic functions, smashing, drying and carbonization. Among them, the carbonization machine is the mainframe of the whole production line, which is also the hard core of the whole production line. China Beston Machinery is one of the tumbling-type carbonization machine manufactures, and has made multiterm contribution to the biomass carbonization area since established.

Biomass Carbonization Machine

Biomass Carbonization Machine

The carbonization machine has already gotten productive capacity since developing up to now, but it still has much room for development. At present, the carbonization machine uniformly controls the equipment operating mainly by the central control system, and its major functions are fan control, dynamo control, input and output material control, dust remover control, time counter and so on. With the technology developing, there will be more and more functions used in the control system. The two parts which needs manual control at present are in and out of the gas switch part and feed calculation part. The general users can’t accept the high cost that the two functions discribued above brings, so many manufactures of this project are in the stage of stagnation. Now what we need to do is that we must give satisfied answers of the users’ qustion.

It will produce a large sum of gas in the biomass carbonization process, and the biomass carbonization plant can recycle the smoke through combustor, under the action of induced draft fan, the burning supplys heat for mianframe and drying equipment, and then discharges through a three-level filter, and achieves the real smoke-free emission. By doing this, it can not only meet the environmetal requirements, but also get outstanding comprehensive energy-saving effect.

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