Introduction of New-type Continuous Vertical Coconut Shell/ Palm Shell/ Sawdust Carbonization Machine

Vertical and horizontal carbonization equipment are the two main equipment of manufacturing biomass charcoal products. The carbonization machine manufactured by Beston has the ability of continuous working. Today we will mainly addressed the new-type continuous vertical carbonization machine, which is a combination of drying system and carbonization system and can dispose many biomass materials, such as straw, sawdust, coconut shell, rice hulls, palm shell, etc.

Coconut Shell/ Palm Shell/ Sawdust Carbonization Machine

Coconut Shell/ Palm Shell/ Sawdust Carbonization Machine

The fruit shell, straw, wood and other big materials need to be crushed before entering carbonization furnace. If the biomass material’s water content is less than 15%, it can be carbonized directly. The biomass enters vertical carbonization machine and generates high-quality charcoal through a series of complex reaction. Beston vertical biomass carbonization machine has strong adaptability and high air tightness. The final biomass charcoal has high carbon content and calorific value. The machine can generate up to three tons charcoal per hour and at last 20 tons charcoal per day.

Many customers will be worried about the pollutant disposal issues in the carbonization process. Beston think that we need to recycle the emissions that is valuable, such as tar, wood vinegar, etc; for the generated combustible biomass gas, we need to re-burn it and then filtered and discharged.

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