Continuous Hemp Stalk Carbonization Stove Manufacturer – Beston Group

Continuous hemp stalk carbonization stove manufacturer – Beston Group has developed new technology in 2017, which has quickly changes the old machinery and equipment. The new carbonization furnace equipment has rapidly occupied the market.

Continuous Hemp Stalk Carbonization Stove

Continuous Hemp Stalk Carbonization Stove

The continuous hemp carbonation equipment is an environmental-friendly equipment production line that consists of gasification furnace, separators, purifiers, condensing tower, induced draft fan, carbonization host, screw feeder, cooling and discharging machine and other parts. The machine is motor-drive, which takes its own flue gas as fuel material. The hemp stalk, rice husk, peanut shells, coconut shell and other raw materials are dried in the charcoal furnace under negative pressure and carbonized under positive pressure. The resulting hemp stalk charcoal has more micropores, high carbon content and excellent quality.

The functions of the gasifier in the continuous carbonization furnace

Firstly, as a supporting equipment of the environmental-friendly and energy-saving carbonization machine, its main function is in the earlier carbonization process, that is, the host doesn’t produce smoke or the generated smoke is short, it provides gas source to achieve external circulation; once the host has produced enough flue gas, it will be used for its own carbonization to achieve internal circulation. Secondly, it is combined with the purification system to become a set of gas generator, which produces flue gas. The flue gas does through purification system to become combustible gas to provide gas source for the boiler, dryer, charcoal kiln and so on. It can not only save costs, but also collect by-products such as wood tar and wood vinegar in the purification process. Thirdly, carbonization of biomass. It is a carbonization furnace itself, and the biomass can be carbonized into finished charcoal or toner.

Beston has developed special technology in carbonizing biomass materials, which can not only recycle waste in an environmental way, but also create profits for all of the customers.

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